Thankful Monday!

Ok, so I used to post on Thursdays, the things I was thankful for. I think it's time for a fresh start, a new way to express my gratitude. To hold the dark clouds at bay, to keep my eyes on the Cross,  to keep my heart buoyed in the midst of really challenging things. So Welcome to the first post of Thankful Mondays.

I know you're asking....Why  MONDAY?!?!,
Well, Mondays a fresh start. But it's also a day a lot of people dread. Because drudgery. It is a reminder after the glory of a weekend that life is sometimes just flat out dull or difficult. And there's no cure for it.

I'm choosing to make the drudgery, the thing that  I dread, the monotonous drone of work....all of it...I'm choosing to make it something not dread worthy. Or leave it dread worthy, but change the focus...or as my husband says so frequently "Change the Channel."

Here they are, things we are thankful for on this fair Monday, the first day of Summer, 2016.
I'm thankful for....
  • Sunshine. Oh the glory of sunshine....the warmth, heat, vitamin D, life -giving sunshine.
  • My tiny growing tomato plant. I have not a green thumb, it was not passed on, but my little twig of a tomato plant is growing...and reminding me to face the sun, and keep growing.
  • My bible study group girls. They are compassionate, loving, caring and have been a respite even though I don't know them very well yet.
  • Leftovers. Tonight dinner is leftover night. But that's good. it means we can not think about cooking, and just focus on what we need to get done and do it.
  • My family. They might be flawed, imperfect, yes. But loving, and crazy fun to be around.
  • Comfy shoes. I am glad to have comfy shoes when I have to stand in front of a copier and scan a thousand pages of information. (blech)
  • Modern technology. Give me the freedom to talk to Alicia in Canada while she's out with family and I'm having an interminable slow day at work.
  • My office. For all the flaws and stress it gives me, it's not a bad place to work, all in all. I just wish I could be at home and take care of my home more and less hours at work.
  • Music. It brings me life.  Today was a good day mostly, but moments of dark clouds threatened and an old Mat Kearney song came on and lifted me like a familiar friend. Brushed off the darkness and let me keep going.
And there you have it. <3 What are you thankful for today on this Monday, first day of summer?


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