Chasing Nightmares

All my life I've been chasing nightmares
Monsters in my sleep
Scary lurking in every corner.

Fear swallowed me whole
Destroying & lying to me
Pinning me down & stealing my hope.

Hands around my neck
Strangling my voice,
Choking the shreds of dignity

Chasing the nightmares
I built up walls,
Hoarded my pride
and Lost my way

But He chased my nightmares down
Until I put them to rest
at the foot of the cross

When the nightmares ceased,
The ghosts came to haunt me
defeat and failure.

the perpetrator, the betrayer
Never the victim, always the monster.
Ghosts launched back at me

Everyone excused but not me
I'm trapped in a cage of a belief
of who I'm not anymore

The Ghost of who I was
has chased me down
and beat me down,

Worn down, this freed bird
Shot out of the sky
And left with a broken wing

The ghosts of my nightmares
Swallowed me whole

Eaten alive by the Ghost.
Chased by the Nightmares
I once chased.


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