Refreshment comes in odd ways.

Sometimes it comes in a few minutes by the ocean, watching the waves crash as the tide rolls in.

Other times, it is sarcastic teasing with your brother while you laugh.

Or maybe it's breathing art in like fresh water at the well. The inspired, worshipful art in a fresh place of worship.

Sometimes it's an old hymn that calls to the deep places of memory, knowing that your failure is not something you carry alone.

Or a hug from a small human who is broken and in need of another hand to love him through this weary journey of life.

Sometimes it is seeing a young man grown from a child you once knew. A man who blesses you with his heart to serve his family and honor God.

Or maybe it is a flight home, silent and hearing truth poured out in familiar lyrics that come from a passage that never stales in your heart. Nothing separates me from God.

Or it is babies smiling and cuddling with a far away friend around a table with friends from far away that meet once in a great while but still feel like home.


The sight of old familiar haunts.

Old loves. Lost loves. Broken heart memories.

Dreams, the memory of happiness.

Childhood smells, tastes.

Eyes that see deeply into the life lived.

Ears that listen to a six year journey of pain and validate it rather than push at it.

Hands that craft a meal lovingly for family.

A bottle of wine served And shared with a faithful friend.

Familiar songs, with windows down.

A cup of coffee on a lazy morning.

Wounds bound and medicated with tender, gentle hands.

Reminders of a love so strong, so deep, so endless and faithful that it takes your breath away and brings tears to your eyes at the end of a week.

He makes all things work together for my good. He is faithful.
He is strong
He is by my side.
He is trustworthy.
He brings healing.
He brings whole ness and repair.
He gives life to my deadest places, my deepest, darkest places.

He is hope renewed.
He is truth when all you've been able to hear is lies and chaos.
He is peace
Oh beautiful peace and rest.
And restoration.
He is refreshment, drunk deeply and wound around the broken places

Like sunshine on darkest days, he breaks through.
Enough to get me through this winter of my discontent.


  1. Thank you for sharing a bit of your heart. Courtney Watkins


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