Thankful Thursday Redux 2.2

It's Thursday, the windows are open, a breeze is blowing through my room, coffee is on my table, and I get to write a Thankful Thursday Post for you! This is a good day, indeed.

Today, I am Thankful for....

  • Psalms - Currently my reading plan has me in the book of Psalms. I am reading through it in The Voice translation  I have found new joy and peace and comfort in familiar words, phrases but also in the unique translation I've been reading. One verse recently I read said God is the "Architect of the seasons" - This has been resounding in my head as summer slowly shifts to fall here in Virginia. 
  • The 48 Hour No Complaining Challenge response: In less than 24 hours it has gone from three of my friends to over 100. I am humbled that a small gesture I had to hold me and my two friends accountable to being faithful to Jesus in our words has exploded like this. I'm thankful for the response, but more than that, thankful for the way it will change lives. 
  • My Bible Reading meeting: Tonight I get to meet with my bible reading group for the first time in a few months! I'm SO excited! I have missed talking to these girls and hearing their hearts for Jesus. Looking forward to it. :) 
  • Zero Humidity: I love getting to live in a place with such little humidity. A few weeks ago, there were a few days that reminded me of Houston, but today I have doors and windows open letting the warm breeze filter through and brighten my day. So thankful for that and the sunshine and blue skies. 
  • Hot Showers: Because...really there is so little that doesn't make this awesome. I Love my friend over the weekend reminded me...almost all of my most profound thoughts on life and the world have occurred during shower time. :) 
  • Wood Wick Candles : I love the sound. I love the smells. In general...I love them. 
  • "Cornerstone" by Hillsong Live: Such an incredible song and it has become my anthem. It helps me allow things to roll right off and helps me not get stuck in the ugliness of life around me. So thankful. 

What are you thankful for today?


  1. You and this post. You know me, I'm not a blog reader. This is quite lovely, and I can't wait to read your next installment. XO


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