Deep Thinking In Bed: Love is Sacrifice

I'm sitting on my bed and blogging tonight. I thought of sitting on the couch, but there's something about sitting with my chaotically unmade bed, surrounded by pillows and lamplight that brings a comfort I needed to write tonight.

What does love look like? Plainly speaking? Selflessness. It's giving up your space, your rights, your needs, your wants, time, money, and who knows what else....for the sake of someone else. Some people might say, "whoa, wait a minute! Don't lose yourself in a relationship or don't sacrifice who you are for being in love", etc. But really, Love is letting go of yourself. That's real love. The way God intended for people to love each other. And I don't just mean in dating or romantic relationships. I mean, giving up your rights, your heart, your pride, your SELF - yes, one might even say "losing" oneself for someone else. That's the difference in God's economy and the world.

The world we live in values independence (what could also be called self-dependence), self sufficiency, personality, individualism, and a thousand other things which simply put are self-centeredness and pride. How you view your heart in relationships is actually a telling sign of how you view yourself. Do you love sacrificially? Or do you value yourself too much to do that?

It's uncomfortable to love. It requires time, money, effort, vulnerability, and risk of hurt. From what I've learned of humanity, these things are too valued and too cherished to be risked or sacrificed. I cannot tell you how often I have heard someone say "I am afraid of being hurt again." or "It's not worth it." for a relationship. It's risky, folks. Love is risk.

To sacrifice yourself is risk. But then again, it is called "sacrifice." I am always puzzled when I hear Christ-followers make these excuses knowing the cost of their own freedom because of love. Christ died - and literally sacrificed his life, his blood and breath to demonstrate His love. And we can't lower ourselves enough to risk what exactly? Time? Money? Building a new friendship? Maybe even a heart break or two? Loving someone so much that they could hurt you? Will a relatiosnhip or a heartbreak truly kill you? No. And when we, with all our brokenness, are accepted and graced with life and love by God, we cannot stoop to love others in this way. Puzzling.

When I love, I love fully. It leads to serious damage when said love is taken for granted, accepted with coolness,  or outright declined. But, Christ receives the same declinations, the same cool receptions, the same presumptions...and continues.

There are people in my life who I know would advise me "Don't give this person or that person a second chance." or "Don't put your heart out there when they keep abusing it." Some might even be puzzled at the ability to forgive, to forget and pour out love again and again. Some have said it's stupid, or risky. Yes. it's risky. And perhaps senseless. And you know what, it might lead to hurt. But considering what Christ experienced so that I would know Love...those things seem small prices to pay in order that someone else might know His love too.

Love is sacrifice. The payment is yours to make. But you cannot stare at Love in the face and dare to whine about what your payment might be when it will not lead you to senseless and unjust death. Love is sacrifice.


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